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Liz fact sheet for new Twitter followers/trolls/people making assumptions they maybe shouldn't

October, 11th 2014
Hi there. If you're reading this, you're probably a new follower of mine on Twitter. Or maybe you're a troll. Or maybe you're someone making assumptions you really shouldn't. Below will be at least one fact relevant to the point you're trying to make or the question you've asked. Happy reading!
1. You've worked for candidates who lost elections, so why should anyone listen to your views on politics?
Not a lot of people really do listen to my views on politics, relative to people...

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Some thoughts from a Scottish-American on #indyref the day/night before

September, 17th 2014
In Braveheart, the dramatized (and fictionalized) Edward I opines that the problem with Scotland is that it's full of Scots.
Ahead of tomorrow's independence referendum, ironically this seems a good description of the nature of the challenge that faces both the "Yes" and "No" campaigns. What looks from the outside like an election where really pretty much everyone should have a formed, pre-set view with few caveats, few things that might make people waver in their positions - after all,...

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Was Eric Cantor losing proof of America winning?

June, 12th 2014
Political junkies across America have spent the last 24-plus hours pinching, slapping and throwing cold water at themselves in an effort to confirm that, yes, what they think happened to Majority Leader Eric Cantor, representative of Virginia's 7th congressional district (at least for a few more months!), really did happen on Tuesday night.
Some are jubilant. Some are depressed. Some find the whole situation comedic. Some observe it with a dispassionate, academic interest and feel...

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New data on inequality and economic mobility. And what I think it may mean.

February, 5th 2014
I've long been skeptical of liberal arguments that inequality in America is out of control and needs to be addressed as the or a top economic concern facing the current generation of policymakers.
My position has largely been that economic immobility, to the extent that it exists, is a greater concern.
Ultimately, pervasive, long-term economic immobility speaks to a problem with regard to fulfillment of the American Dream. The general idea behind America is that here, anyone who is...

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Jamestown Associates, the NRSC, the SCF, and blacklisting

November, 25th 2013
Awhile back, the NYT's Jonathan Martin wrote a story about the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC's) decision not to contract with Republican direct mail/ad firm Jamestown Associates for future work, in view of the firm's existing relationship with the Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF)-- the group that has had a habit of supporting strongly conservative candidates branding themselves as anti-establishment in important Senate races. The piece generated a lot of chatter among...

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Liz Cheney, Mary Cheney and family loyalty

November, 19th 2013
Matt Lewis has an interesting post up about the Liz Cheney-Mary Cheney feud over Liz Cheney's stance on legal recognition of same-sex marriages. Obviously, Liz's remarks have garnered a lot of attention over the last 48 hours (I've opined on them from several different standpoints during that time), but Matt dives into the aspect of the controversy that is perhaps the hardest to discuss because it concerns the emotional, as opposed to the philosophical or the practical, and takes a perspective...

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What we should have learned from the Virginia gubernatorial election

November, 6th 2013
Last night, I was asked by a reporter what I thought the lessons from the Virginia gubernatorial election would be for Democrats and Republicans.
Since this is the topic of the day, I figured I'd post a little something on this point here (largely repeating what I sent said reporter), so people know where I stand on it, as an observer of the race and a Virginia voter. For a lot of you, this is unlikely to make for pleasant reading. But it is my honest, and unvarnished, opinion, for...

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25 things my Father taught me

June, 16th 2013
It's Father's Day, and to mark the occasion, I'm posting another list-- this time of things I learned from my Dad.
Unfortunately, my Father died when I was 21, so he's not around to see what I think he taught me. But in any event, here's the best, funniest, and most useful of those various lessons.
Thanks, Dad. I miss you every day. 
1. It's better to be smart and compassionate than to be super-smart and lack compassion.
2. It's always an appropriate...

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25 things I learned from my mother

May, 12th 2013
In honor of Mother's Day, here are 25 things I learned from my Mother. Mum, here's your alternative resume. Enjoy!
1. If you need to get something done, ask really nicely. If that doesn't work, make yourself such a living hell to deal with that people will do whatever you're asking of them so they won't have to interact with you further.

2. Shooting guns is fun.

3. There is nothing wrong with ABBA.

4. George was the best Beatle.

5. If...

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Rebuilding the housing bubble?

April, 3rd 2013
I occasionally comment on Twitter that I'm concerned that rather than really addressing underlying problems in the American economy, leaders are sweeping them under the carpet and are inadvertently rebuilding the housing bubble because it's simply easier than the alternative.
I know this sounds tinfoil hat-ish to some folks. But I can't help but immediately feel again that there is some of this going on, intentionally or not, when I read things like this, from the Washington...

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